26 August 2008

Defining Design

I have been into decorating and design for just about as long as I can remember. Even as a child I would get into moods where I would have to tear my room apart and start over again. If I wasn't just a bit more into writing, I'm sure I would have ended up as a decorator/designer.

My style hasn't changed much over the years, although it's a little more narrowed down now. There are some things I love: Victorian (Queen Anne and Gothic Revival) architecture and design, French Country. There are some things I like a lot: anything pre-1950s (think Old Europe), some retro design, modern country, Chinese style, Thai style, Tuscan style, spooky style. There are some things I despise: mid-century modern, all white, most (but not all) contemporary design.

I love colour. Deep, rich, clear (not muddy) shades. I do not want my entire house to be monochromatic. I don't find neutrals soothing. I love original woodwork and want to hunt down those who paint over it. My ideal home is one that's cozy and comfortable and the right kind of cluttered. My dream house is a cross between the Gryffindor common room, the house from Practical Magic, and Jack Skellington's tower. I also always thought it would be cool to convert an old church.

For nearly a year I've had the joy of being in my own little Edwardian brick gem. I'm not quite sure when life got so hectic, but we're still not finished setting things up. There are long-term plans, as well as those involving the near future. Nothing drastic--well, maybe a little--but mostly just a matter of making the place our own. Looking forward to sharing both plans and end results, among other things...

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