27 August 2008

Down the Garden Path

I haven't been gardening as long as I've been decorating, so my style isn't entirely set yet. I do think a garden should complement the house it's attached to. I don't think a sparse Japanese garden would work with a Queen Anne house, nor would a formal garden suit a cottage.

There's little as far as gardens go that I don't like. My favourite styles are probably formal (traditional) and cottage. If I could manage a combination of the two, that would be fantastic. I love courtyards and classical statuary. I'm enamoured of allees and flowering trees at the moment. I also like herbal knot gardens and Japanese gardens, but I think they're too high-maintenance for me.

Some of my favourite plants: heirloom roses, morning glory, foxgloves, poppies, delphiniums, hydrangeas, hostas, pansies and violas, heirloom tomatoes, lavender, tulips, crocuses, lilacs...

(PS: The photo is of morning glories and pansies in a container on my deck.)

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