30 August 2008

Return of Mousy

Not so much a return, actually, as a visit by one of his friends. Just when we thought we were free of furry crashers, the cats flushed out another guy. This time we didn't notice until Wraith had the poor little thing in his mouth, dangling by its tail (looks like he figured out what he's supposed to do with them). He let it go for a second--just long enough to get a better grip on its backside. We tried getting him to let go, but our very sweet, mellow cat just growled at us and held on. I guess the two of us cornering him with S grabbing him by the scruff and me holding the plastic mouse containment unit (aka empty salad bin) over his head finally convinced him it wasn't worth it. He finally let the mouse go and I (being much less of a silly woman this time) trapped it in the bin.

This was definitely a different mouse--a bit smaller and way more hyper. It was hopping all over the place, trying to escape. At least (and surprisingly) it wasn't hurt! Again to his credit, he eventually realized the cats couldn't get him through the plastic and he settled down. Another trip to the park, another release into the night. I hope there aren't any more of them. Maybe there's a mouse grapevine and they'll let each other know to stay away from here: Dude, that place is not sweet.

On a related note: I have to mention how much I hate glue traps. I know that sometimes you have to break out the traps, but glue traps are horrific and cruel. Imagine running around and all of a sudden being stuck to something and not being able to move. Maybe you're only lightly stuck and you can get away by ripping off hair or skin. Maybe you're panicking so much you chew through your own limb to get free. Or maybe you're well and truly immobile, terrified, helpless, and someone comes along and dumps you into the trash. They might be "kind" and drown you first. Either way, hello, slow and painful death. I realize we're talking about rodents, but there's no reason to inflict unnecessary pain and suffering. Get humane traps (the kind that let you release the animal unharmed), or if you must, spring-loaded traps. Glue traps might be convenient, but they're evil. 'Nuff said.

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