26 September 2008

Anywhere but here...

No matter how much you might love your home, sometimes you can't help fantasizing about other possible (or impossible) abodes. I'm terrible for this. I think it's a combination of my collecting instinct and my propensity for daydreaming. There are just too many incredible buildings out there to limit myself to just one! So in the spirit of an idle Friday afternoon, here are some other places I'd like to be right now:

European castles are always nice, especially this one.

(Okay, that's Hogwarts--but I did say impossible abodes. I wouldn't mind living in just about any of the magical homes in the books and movies, especially Gryffindor Tower, the Burrow, or even one of those tents they had at the Quidditch World Cup, minus the mildewy smell, of course).

For something slightly more attainable, a Queen Anne Victorian will always be my dream. Ideally, it would be in some fantastic neighbourhood where everything from coffee shops to boutiques are within walking distance. Filled with books and antiques and personal treasures. Surrounded with a lush garden. Heaven.

Partway between fantasy and reality is the Parisian apartment I find myself yearning for. In my mind, it's always in the Montmartre district. I blame the movie Amelie for this one. I envision it as small and perfect; painted in deep, rich shades; and full of the kind of furniture and accessories you can only find in France. And every room will have a chandelier. Downstairs will be a patisserie, a boulangerie, a cafe, and a chocolatier. You won't need anything practical in Paris if you've got access to pastries and chocolate. I'll also pretend I don't notice the butcher shops selling horse meat. I think my Montmartre flat would be the ideal getaway when it's too cold at Hogwarts (or those pesky boggarts are getting out of hand).

So where would you rather be right now?

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Flashflache said...

Here is foggy and a wee bit cool. It's easy to imagine myself in Hogwarts and feel the magic of J. K. Rowling's master pieces.