20 September 2008

Idee fixe

I'm a collector--can't help it; I have packrat genes. Luckily, the neat freak genes keep things more or less under control, but there are some things I just cannot resist. Books, of course; my house is like a mini library. I also love ceramics and porcelain. I'd have dozens of sets of dishes if I could get away with it (and none of them plain white), as well as cake stands, mixing bowls, sugar bowls, mugs, pitchers... I have an obsession with tea paraphernalia. I don't even drink that much tea, but I've got to buy pretty teapots and cups (and anything else tea-related, as well). I must have been a Brit in a past life. My other major fixation is fabrics. Whether in the form of sheets, tablecloths, napkins, aprons, handkerchiefs, towels, curtain panels, throw pillows, or just plain yards from the fabric store, I love fabric. Give me a pretty design (embroidery, brocade, toile, stripes, checks, polka dots, florals...), an interesting texture, or a vibrant colour and I'm good. Better than, in fact. No doubt this particular infatuation comes from growing up around bits and piles of my mom's sewing material (come to think of it, I like buttons too, and pincushions...)

So, what are your collecting obsessions?


bella said...

I am usually very hard on my collecting urges, and try to avoid them. If I could though, I'd have true linen closets with a half dozen changes for everything- beds, tables, slipcovers, you name it. I love poring through fabric and sewing stores, and my mother's old button tins keep me busy for hours just pawing through and studying the different styles. Kitchen gear is the one area I slightly indulge- if I can use it, I sometimes override common sense and get it. I'd love to have a half dozen different settings and countless display pieces, but I'm letting space dictate my shopping and being very constrained. Some day though, I doubt I'll have that much control. Life wears one down and then those impulse buys don't seem so bad, but just rewards.

Aspasia said...

Speaking of kitchen gear, I'd probably have a dozen Kitchenaid mixers, all in different colours. I just think they're so beautiful (and practical too--a rare combination).

Too much control (like keeping emotions in) leads to illness, imho, so go crazy once in a while and don't worry about it :) Besides, you can always find room for the things you really want!