05 September 2008


Okay, I'm the first to admit that my tastes are a little high end. It's a running joke in our household that given the option between similar items (and without knowing the prices) I'll always choose the most expensive. But even I have to question why some things are so pricy. Trash cans, for example. They're utilitarian items that are generally simply made with basic materials. So why do they cost an arm and a leg?We're still in the process of acquiring accessories for the new house. Among other things we need are waste bins for the bathrooms. Last week I found one at the Bay that would be perfect for the upstairs bathroom. It was a simple, square container made of marble, similar to the one in the picture (only with much plainer marble). It was $80! (I probably shouldn't complain--the one in the photo is over a thousand dollars.) For what probably amounts to less than $20 worth of stone and not much labour, why is the price so high? Not that any of the other ones I've seen have been more reasonably priced, even those made of plastic.

In the past I've used flower pots, which are generally less expensive, as waste bins. I haven't found any that'll work in the current bathrooms, though. The sad thing is, I'll probably end up getting the overpriced one because it really is perfect. Worse, I'll probably get two (one for trash, one for organics). I guess that's why stores can get away with charging so much.

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