24 September 2008

Quality Craftsmanship

So, I was wandering through The Bay (Canadian department store) a few days ago, and what should catch my eye but this lovely set:

Of course, I had to take a closer look, what with my teaware addiction (see previous post). The set came packaged in a pretty box, emblazoned with this label:

Note the statement "Celebrating a Century of English Craftsmanship."

Awesome, I thought to myself--I'm a fan of English craftsmanship! Turning over the box to check out the price, thrilled to have found THE perfect teacup, I was aghast to see that 100 years also meant $100. Extravagent even for me, I was still considering it (I had a gift card) when I noticed the small print: Made in Indonesia. I put the box down and walked away. So much for that fine English craftsmanship. I hate to think what they paid the person who made that $100 teacup. Instead of tea, I ended up with a cup of irony. Tea tastes better.

PS: The really sad thing is, I just noticed on the company's website that this cup is out of stock. Guess irony's a big seller.

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