20 February 2009

Getting seedy

It's almost that time of the year, when gardens need to be planned and seeds started. Still a little early in these parts for the seed starting, unless you want freakishly tall and skinny seedlings (trust me--you don't). It is, however, a great time to start buying seeds. I actually prefer plants: they don't take as long to get established and I don't have to worry about finding space for trays of potential seedlings (some of which, frustratingly, never materialize). Also, with seeds, you always get way more than you need (or can give away) and it just feels wasteful. It's far too early to buy plants, though.

I've been perusing the catalogues lately. As usual, I find I'm interested in way more than I can find room for:

Peppers, Big Chili Hybrid
Peppers, Gypsy Hybrid
Peppers, Tajan Hybrid
Sorrel, Profusion
Tomato, Old German (heirloom)
Tomato, Red Currant 'Organic'
Tomato, Sweetie

Aquilegia, Miss MI Huish
California Poppy, Rosa Romantica
California Poppy, Thai Silk Formula Mix
Hollyhock, Jet Black
Hollyhock, Queeny Purple
Nasturtium, Cherry Rose
Nasturtium, Dwarf Jewel
Ornamental Pepper, Black Pearl
Poppy, Double Shirley Mix
Poppy, Mother of Pearl

Basil, Oriental Breeze
Mint, Cotton Candy (Also considering Improved Spearmint, Peppermint, Jim's Fruit Mint, Fruit Sensations Mint, Sweet Pear Mint, and Wintergreen Mint)
Thyme, Rose Petal

Fig, Hardy Chicago
Geranium (Pelargonium), Lemon Sculpture

I might get most of these or only some. I might even get none if I pay a visit to the garden centre first and get inspired by all the exciting options I find there. I would love to get more roses, but that would involve putting in more beds and ultimately more work. I'm really trying to keep things under control this time. No, really.

If I had the winning lottery ticket, why do I get the feeling that bookstores and garden centres would be the real winners?

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