25 March 2009

Getting Busy pt 1

Spring is here even though it doesn't entirely feel like it yet. Before we know it, days will be long and warm and the outdoors will be coming back to life. In happy anticipation of this, I've begun the seed-starting odyssey.

March's Seeds

Started indoors on peat pellets:

-Christmas Grapes
-Bush Beefsteak
(mislabelled, apparently, as they always come up as cherry tomatoes)
-Brandywine (a favourite)
-Patio hybrid
-Isis Candy
-Snow White
(another favourite--I was originally given some seeds, but since I've never seen them available commercially, I'm now saving them. Super sweet yellow cherry type)

-Holiday Cheer

Not sure how much luck I'll have with the peppers--the seeds are getting old. Next year I'll have to replenish supplies.

-Garlic Chives
-Columbine, 'Pink Tower'

Started indoors in peat pots with Miracle Gro potting soil:

-Hollyhock, Jet Black
-Hollyhock, Creme de Cassis
-Poppy (Papaver orientale), 'Fruit Punch'
(including "elusive" plum shades!)

Starting outside in pots in the next few days:

-Carrot, Nantes
-Carrot, Nutri Red
-Parsley, mix of flat- and curly-leaf
(Seeds collected from my own plants)

What seeds are you starting (or have you already started)?


bella said...

Nice poppy shades, especially the plum. I've never seen that before. I'm not starting any seeds this year, sadly, but I'm still going to do some herbs and tomatoes. Of course, that's dependent on the weather too. We're under winter storm warnings for now with 8-12" due by Saturday.

Aspasia said...

Ick--hope that doesn't mean we're getting a storm too. Not that anything tender is going before the end of May, but still...

Herbs and tomatoes are all you really need :)