24 May 2009

Getting Busy pt 4

I'm down to starting the last seeds as other garden tasks take over. Soon new plants will have to be transplanted into beds and containers (it's still a bit chilly around here, although there hasn't been a frost warning in a couple of weeks). It'll be nice to stop worrying about seeds and start enjoying the results of my efforts!

Mid-to-Late May's Seeds

Started indoors on peat pellets:

Dames Rocket (Hesperis matronalis)

Started indoors in peat pots with Miracle Gro potting soil:

Calendula (C. officinalis)
Butterfly Bush/Buddleja
Lavatera, Silvercup

Seeds soaked for 12 to 24 hours before being planted outside:

(Soaking the seeds makes it easier for them to germinate)

Sweet Pea Mix 'Starry Night'
Sweet Pea 'Old Spice' Mix
Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
Morning Glory, Flying Saucers
Morning Glory, Crimson Rambler

Started outdoors in beds and/or containers:

Nemophilla, Penny Black (see photo at right)
Garden Pinks, 'Spring Beauty'
Datura, 'Belle Blanche' (see photo above)
Aster, Crego Mix

At some point over the course of the summer I'm going to try starting Hellebores. They're incredibly fussy to start (germination can take up to a year and the wait for blooms can be up to 18 months), but they're beautiful and flower when there's little else happening in the garden, so I'm willing to give it a shot. If all else fails I can always fork out $15 to $20 per plant and buy some ready-grown!

Happy gardening!

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bella said...

Love the morning glories in crimson, and the Nemophilla. I didn't realise Hellebores were so finicky, but I received some in a recent bouquet and thought they were quite pretty. Good luck to you in your garden.