22 May 2009

Scrubbing and Skiving

Because I'm in the middle of reviewing not one but two books on housework (not to mention suffering the genetically ingrained urge to scour everything I own as soon as temperatures rise above 10C), cleaning is on my mind lately.

Cleaning is one of those things that, unfortunately, needs to get done whether you like it or not (and if you generally don't get it done, you might want to take pity on your guests and consider keeping a few Hazmat suits on hand for them).

There are a few jobs I absolutely despise: cleaning the fridge, cleaning the bathroom--basically anything with a high gross-out factor (which, in fairness, is lower the more often you take care of these things, but still...) There's just no redeeming aspect to be found in doing these tasks other than the completion of them.

There are other housekeeping jobs, though, that--while I don't exactly enjoy doing them--are incredibly satisfying. Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes, ironing. I think a zen factor is also inherent in these tasks; you can zone out while you do them, hear your thoughts, sort out whatever's on your mind, and when you're done you have something shiny and fresh to look at and enjoy. Not the worst way to spend some time.

Of course, working on this post has just been an excuse not to get started on all the things I just wrote about. There's a pretty good zen factor in listening to good music and putting your thoughts to keyboard too :)

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