24 June 2009

Review: The Little Road Trip Handbook

I've always been a fan of road trips. Not necessarily the stereotypical frat-boy-hijinks-filled variety of trip (although many would argue those are the only real road trips), but I just love travelling by car. I think it might be because your car is your home away from home--a place that's comfortable and familiar, yet from which you can see new places and have real-life adventures. Now that summer is here, I'd say it's the perfect time to take a few liberties with the definition of "domicile" and hop into our respective homes on wheels for some carefree exploring.

The Little Road Trip Handbook is short but packed full of information. Some of it is quirky, some is questionable, but mostly it's all about the fun.

A few of the better features this book offers include Classic Road Trips (from Route 66 to The Alaska Highway), a guide to local radio stations, advice on preparing for the trip and saving money on the road, fifty nutty roadside attractions (one per state), and a chapter on "crazy local legislation" (good to know that causing a catastrophe is illegal in Utah!)

A couple of the more debatable features include "must-have" music and great road trip movies (how can one take this list seriously when Highway 61 doesn't even get an honourable mention?) Some readers may also take issue with the overwhelming American slant of this book. May I humbly suggest the author consider writing The Little Canadian Road Trip Handbook next :)

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what the book actually says. The real purpose of The Little Road Trip Handbook is to provide inspiration, and it does so beautifully. What more can a road-tripper (or reader) ask for? Happy trails...

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