05 July 2009

Day at the (Royal Ontario) Museum

My friend Amy (of Blue Lotus fame) and I decided to take in the Wedgwood exhibit at the ROM before it--and she--left for unknown adventures in exotic ports. Sadly, both are out of here as of tomorrow, but it was fun while it lasted!

Detail of the ceiling in the museum's original entrance area:

The beginning of the Wedgwood exhibit was marked by this gorgeous Jasperware vase (c. 1790):

The black basalt items were stunning, but not the easiest to photograph...

Chess pieces:

Spoon rest:

Writing set (including inkwell):

"Caneware," Pie Dish, c. 1815-1840:

Perfume bottles:

This was probably my favourite piece there:


Miniature teacup (regular-sized dinner plate):

Definitely my favourite plate on display:

Note the figure sitting on the lid:

I wasn't as thrilled with the modern pieces (what a surprise), but I did like the handle on this cup:

From Wedgwood, we had a chance to look around some of the other (permanent) exhibits. If I could get a spice box like this one, I would be a happy girl:

I think this was here to highlight miniature silver smithing techniques. I just loved it because it's so tiny:

More miniature pieces of silverware:

I loved the glassware/crystal exhibit:

Only part of the display of paperweights:

We discovered this little guy in the gemstone exhibit. He's carved from chalcedony agate with sapphire eyes on an aquamarine and 18-carat gold base. I don't know what this says about me but he was my favourite thing in the entire exhibit (including all the amazing jewellery):

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