30 March 2010

Getting Seedy Pt 1

It's that time of the year again: when I have to scramble to find space in sunny spots--away from the cats--for my seed-starting trays! After a couple of years of poor results, I've moved the trays from the cool, east-facing basement window to the radiator in our south-facing living room. It's working well so far; I just have to remember to move the trays if we turn the heat up.

Planted indoors 21 March:

In peat pellets:
--pink lupine from seeds saved by my mom (sprouting!)
--mixed lupines 'Russell'
--garlic chives
--Canterbury Bells
--Datura 'Belle Blanche'

In small plastic pots with Miracle Gro potting soil:
--Armeria 'Joystick'
--Tomatoes (med-lg): Coustralee, Brandywine, Patio (sprouting!)
--Tomatoes (cherry): Snow White, Christmas Grapes (sprouting!)
--Tomatillo (sprouting!)
--Peppers: Cubanelle, Cayenne, Serrano, Anaheim, ornamental 'Holiday Cheer'

To be started outside in the next few days:
--Leeks 'Ramona'

I don't have much hope for some of the seeds as they're fairly old, but I just can't throw them away without trying. That's okay, though. I'll use what I have and buy plants if I need them. It all works out in the end.

Photos of Lupines and Leeks from Dominion Seed House. Photo of tomatillos from Wikimedia Commons. Click photos to enlarge.

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