06 May 2010

Lilac Love

I don't usually like to cut flowers from the garden; I prefer to enjoy them where they are. But when it comes to lilacs, I always have to fill at least one vase with them. The scent alone is worth it--a reminder of spring, and warmth, and (for me) childhood. And sometimes, when so much seems to be wrong with the world, it's nice to have a tangible reminder of what's right.

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All photos by Domicile.


bella said...

Our sensation lilacs (like those pictured here) are in a row with several other varieties and have succumbed to the cross pollination effects. So instead of the white border, they are deep purple only. It smells lovely, but I miss the distinguished petals in the panacle.

Aspasia said...

Annoyingly, I remembered the name after I posted. But that's interesting about your lilacs. Ours has a branch of all-white flowers this year (just one branch). If it eventually reverts to all white, I think I might have to remove it and put in a new Sensation (or other pretty variety).