25 July 2010

Keep Calm

If you've gone anywhere lately, you've more than likely seen a variation of the British WWII "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan. I'm not sure why it's suddenly caught on the way it has, but I know I like it for its retro graphic quality and the simple yet sensible message (which I'm really considering adopting as my personal motto).

And, of course, with anything that gets this popular, there are imitations and parodies, some more successful than others. I wasn't particularly tempted by any of them until I found "Keep Calm and Carry Yarn" in PopSoupSupplies's etsy shop*. It's actually a pattern you can use for cross-stitch or knitting, and I think it's brilliant. In fact, I think I should take that as my personal motto. Anything that makes the world a calmer, craftier place (not to mention anything that enhances my own calm and craftiness) is a good thing in my book.

Well done, PopSoupSupplies; well done.

*No affiliation with this etsy seller and not recommending them in any way; I just happen to like this one item.

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