18 August 2010

Pretty Poison

I seem to have an inherent attraction to poisonous plants. Despite not making any conscious effort to choose these types of plants, a good proportion of what I grow is toxic to one degree or another: hydrangea, morning glories, larkspur, bittersweet, hellebores (if I can ever get them to grow--don't get me started), tomato and potato plants (not to worry--the edible bits are safe), sweet woodruff, periwinkle, and, of course, Datura. In this case, the 'Belle Blanche' variety. As with people sometimes the prettiest are the ones you need to worry about most. And when it comes to Datura, I think you'll agree that it's just too pretty not to grow...

(click on photos to enlarge)

The seed pods are a lot of fun--especially when they resist being pulled off--ouch. They also smell just delightful (at least the plant lets you know it's not good to eat). But if you don't remove them (a) your plant will stop flowering, and (b) you'll end up with a Datura plantation.

Welcome to my garden...just proceed with caution.

Photos by Domicile

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