13 August 2010

Toronto Botanical Gardens/Edwards Gardens

Have I ever mentioned what an awesome place the Toronto Botanical Gardens/Edwards Gardens is? My introduction to the gardens came way back in the 1980s when my sister had her wedding photos taken there. But it was in the 90s that I really got to know and love the gardens, hanging out there with my friends and going for long walks. And now that I'm living not too far away, I'm rediscovering them! The TDB offers so much: classes, tours, teaching gardens, groups to join, events, sales, information. I'm probably forgetting plenty more too. Wander slightly farther afield and you're into Edwards Gardens, with walking/hiking/biking trails and paths, wildlife (the chipmunks are a personal favourite), and tons of plants to discover--both wild and cultivated.

I didn't take too many photos this last visit, but I plan on making up for that on future trips. Click to enlarge and enjoy...

This gorgeous sculpture was the first thing that caught my eye at the TDB. It's like something out of a really cool fairytale:

There's a stream that runs through the gardens, with picturesque wooden bridges spanning it every so often:

I love willows. Their roots invariably get into water pipes and cause a lot of damage but I don't think there's any reason why they shouldn't be planted in every possible location that's a safe distance from homes:

The dragonflies are not only plentiful and beautiful, but they're very good about posing for photos. Just remember to thank them when you're done:

This plant seems to have been deliberately sown, but I have no idea what it is (the gardens could probably use a tad more signage). It looks intriguing, and the fruits resemble unripe persimmons. Anyone have an idea what it could be?

This was a sad, but beautiful, scene. Photos were difficult to get, though, because the water was moving steadily along:

One of those picturesque bridges I mentioned:

Some of the local wildlife (I like how they sleep with their heads tucked away):

More info about Toronto Botanical Gardens/Edwards Gardens here.

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