06 November 2010

Day at the Museum II

I love museums, always have. You can have your scorching, overcrowded beaches any day--I'd much rather be wandering through a cool, quiet oasis of awesomeness. I'm fascinated by history and anything old or unusual. So when I was invited to join a few of my family members for a day at the Royal Ontario Museum, I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately it was back when my previous camera was in the process of dying, so I didn't get fantastic photos, but I thought I'd share some of the better ones. Click to enlarge and enjoy!
The ROM had (and hopefully still has) a fantastic new Africa, Asia, and Americas exhibit. There's everything from ceremonial masks to weapons to housewares to a real shrunken head (very hard to photograph, I might add!) The next three photos were taken there (the third is of a terracotta colander).

I'm always drawn to the glassware gallery (I'm a collector as well, although I don't have anything this gorgeous)...

English drawer pull, c.1830-1850:

I dare anyone to say they wouldn't want glasses adorned with gnomes!

Can you imagine your broken Ikea glasses ending up in a museum 300 years from now?

On to the metalwork gallery. The next two photos are from a set of bronze tableware, including tea and coffee serving pieces (it was specifically made for a wealthy family, but I can't remember the year). I love the butterfly details:

Pewter pieces, for the merchant class (the lowest classes used wood for their utensils and serving pieces).

Silverware in miniature!

The Wedgwood Exhibit was still there (it's now over), but since I already visited and posted about it, I'm only sharing this one photo because I think this vase is worth another look:

I have a pretty good story about this ice bucket. Read it here (you'll have to scroll almost to the bottom to get to it).

Yes, that's a toilet (the only one you'll ever see featured on Domicile...probably). They don't still sell these anywhere, do they?

Items made from the first plastics produced. Those odd-shaped items to the left of the accordion are high heels for shoes.

Art Deco coffee set:

This was in a dark space behind glass, so sorry for the poor photo quality, but I love it and had to share:

The chandelier's nifty but check out the ceiling rose:

Going back in time, these next photos are from the Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia gallery:

And home again, look what I found in my garden (and he kindly came close enough to photograph):

Photos by Domicile

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