19 June 2011

Mocking Me

A couple of days ago I was doing some weeding and planting in the backyard. As I worked I kept noticing that the yard seemed infused with the most amazing scent. It was familiar but I couldn't quite place it. I knew it wasn't the peonies or the roses. I kept looking around trying to figure out what else was in bloom that could be producing that perfume but there was nothing. Eventually I headed back inside and forgot about it. Until I returned to the backyard that evening and suddenly it hit me--the scent was from the mock oranges (Philadelphus) in the front yard! I couldn't believe that plants in the front could so thoroughly perfume the back but even now as I sit in my office with the windows open I can smell those gorgeous flowers.

When I initially solved the mystery I, of course, had to share on Twitter. Right away @Ladybellesfic suggested I post a photo (we both love flower pictures). The light was getting low at the point so I waited until the sun returned. Here are the results. Hope you like them (sorry I couldn't include the scent too)! Click to enlarge...

Photos by Domicile


ladybelletrist said...

Simply gorgeous! Do you have a tumblr? I would love to showcase your pics on my tumblr (of course giving you credit). I envy your gardening skills!

Aspasia said...

Thank you! Although I can't take credit for the mock oranges--they were here when we moved in. But they're one of my favourites.

I don't have tumblr but I'm honoured that you'd like to showcase my photos! Please feel free (if there's any way to include my blog URL that would be great as I love visitors) :)