29 August 2011

5 Reasons I Hate Dusting

1. Allergies

Within 2 minutes of starting to dust I can't breathe through my nose. A couple of minutes after that I start sneezing (and don't stop for a good half hour after I've finished dusting). After 20 minutes I've gone through half a box of tissues.

2. It's Gross

No matter how careful I am I always feel like I need a shower afterward.

3. There's No Such Thing as an Effective Dusting Product

Sorry, but they all suck to varying degrees.

4. I'm the Only One in the House Who Can Do It

Not that others are incapable. They just don't know where stuff belongs so after they're done dusting I have to go behind them and put everything back in order.

5. It's Pointless Anyway

About five minutes after I'm done I can see the next layer of dust forming (or maybe that's just what the crappy products I used have left behind).

Where are those dust-eating nanobots we've been promised?

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