13 October 2011

Long Live the Monarchs

I am not the best gardener in the world. There are always too many weeds in my garden and too few flowers. My vegetable harvests are on the small side. I invariably forget to take care of time-sensitive tasks when they need to be done. I really wish this wasn't the case. But one thing I happily get right is making my garden inviting to critters. I love that we have birds and bunnies living in our hedge! I love watching the raccoons pass through the yard (as long as they don't cause trouble!) It gives me a little thrill to watch butterflies and dragonflies hanging around. I even like the squirrels, although they're more a pain than anything. And I was completely beside myself this morning when I spotted two Monarch butterflies flitting around and feeding on my zinnias! This is the first year I've grown zinnias and they are now officially keepers. I was even more excited that I managed to get some photos of them (click to enlarge)!

What kinds of wildlife visits your garden?

Photos by Domicile


Blue Lotus said...

Ooh pretty! I wish you a garden full of butterflies (and no bees).

Aspasia said...

LOL Well, it wouldn't be much of a garden without bees but I appreciate the sentiment ^_^ (Msybe wish away the wasps instead!)

Andrea said...

We have hummingbirds, dragonflies, butterflies, and I'm sure a couple of lizards or so where I am. We live on a man-made lake, though, so I suppose I could also count all the ducks that come into our backyard!

Love this blog, btw.

Aspasia said...

I also have hummingbirds (occasionally) and dragonflies but I totally envy your ducks and lizards! So glad you're enjoying my blog ^_^