03 January 2012

On a Silver Platter

I believe in an afterlife. I also believe my parents are there together and that they watch over me, including this past Christmas.

The SO and I were over at my sister's place on the 24th. It was a low-key day in light of losing our mom this past March, but we wanted to see each other for the holiday. She and I had been talking a couple of days beforehand about some of the boxes still sitting in her basement from our parents' move (in 1999 they sold their house and started splitting their time between my sister's place and Greece). My sister thought there were only bar glasses in the boxes and when I mentioned it to the SO he thought we could use them if my sister didn't want them (the fact that they're still in boxes after all this time is a pretty good sign that she doesn't). So while we were there on the 24th I decided I'd take home a couple of framed needlepoints my mom had told me she wanted me to have, as well as a box of the bar glasses.

My sister chose the particular box she did because my dad had written on it and she felt sentimental seeing his handwriting. When we checked to see what was inside we were completely surprised. Instead of bar ware the box was full of gorgeous trays and platters! Not having seen them in so long I'd assumed they were either in Greece or mixed in with my sister's stuff.

Since sis didn't need any more serving ware (there are benefits to getting married) she kindly let me have the entire box. Now, you have to understand how much I love this stuff. I inherited my mom's taste and over the years she's given me all kinds of household items (either new or her old pieces) and I cherish all of it (especially the old pieces). I thought I already had everything I'd be getting. So to find and receive all these lovely items out of nowhere... it definitely feels like my parents sent me a Christmas gift. I guess I'll have to entertain more often now so I can put everything to good use (or else just start making more things that can be served on platters)...

It was perfect timing to get the turkey platter, as the SO and I were making a turkey dinner on the 25th:

I've fallen in love with this piece--it's a silver Lazy Susan tray with a covered divided glass-and-silver dish that sits in the middle of it. I didn't have anything like this before and I can't wait to use it:

I also love this tray. I think it would be perfect for cupcakes!

From top left to right: silver footed tray; turkey platter; cut crystal platter; etched glass platter; silver and glass Lazy Susan; glass platter with beaded edging. There was also a smaller oval stoneware platter that had seen better days so I'm using that as the dish under one of my plants. The rope of beads is actually an oversized string of worry beads that my cousin picked up for me in Thessaloniki (I believe they're supposed to bring good fortune to the house). My mom also made the crushed velvet tablecloth for me after I saw a photo of a similar one in Betsey Johnson's house and thought it was the awesomest tablecloth ever (I'm still pretty damn fond of it). It's amazing how much of my mom is in this house, whether directly or otherwise. No matter what I know my parents will always be with me.

And a gratuitous shot of my Yule tree because I finally managed to get a nice photo of it :)

Photos by Domicile (click to enlarge)


bella said...

That's fantastic! I'm so glad you found this box, and the memories it holds.

The cut glass platter is in a pattern I am collecting.

Aspasia said...

Aw, thanks!

Good to know you're collecting that pattern. Do you know what it's called? So pretty...