12 January 2013

Getting Crochet-y

Squares today, blanket tomorrow
Life is strange sometimes. Like when you wake up thinking you really need to make a blanket. That's what happened to me a few weeks ago. I'm not sure why--it's not as though there's a blanket shortage in this house.; if anything we have more than we know what to do with. I'd like to think I'm channelling my mom and grandmother, both of whom were avid crocheters. My grandmother made blankets for all her grandkids and as many great-grandkids as she could before her doctor told her she had to stop (I'm not sure what his reasoning was but I think it was a non-crafter's overreaction). My mom mostly crocheted lace but she also made several blankets. The only hitch in my blanket-making plan was I didn't know how to crochet (classic 'I'll get my mom to teach me later because we have plenty of time' folly).

I did knit, however, so my first thought was to look for a blanket pattern I could knit into being. But all the patterns I liked required a crochet hook. So what else could I do? I taught myself to crochet.

Of course I had to go and start with a pattern that was too advanced for me. And I went and bought all the yarn before I realized I wouldn't be able to do it (I like to make things as complicated as possible, apparently). So I found this tutorial for a simple granny square, figured out how to make it, and decided to turn the pile of newly purchased yarn into a pile of granny squares that will ultimately be stitched together into a blanket. I figure I'll need 150 squares (10 width by 15 length) for a queen-size blanket. Since I have 10 different colour combinations of squares that works out nicely.

This is what happens when (a) you're not quite sure what you're doing (note the messed up centre), and (b) you don't pay close enough attention to the pattern (behold the wavy edges--they should be straight). I decided to keep it, though, to commemorate my first completed granny square (but it won't be part of the blanket)
 Happily, I discovered I really enjoy crocheting. I've got a confidence with the hook and yarn that I never had with knitting needles. Maybe I am channelling my grand/mom, after all. Once I finish this first blanket, I plan on making more (including the original pattern that proved too tricky for my novice self). I also plan on trying out all sorts of fun projects I keep finding on Pinterest (another reason I stopped posting for a while there--full-on Pinterest addiction). Whatever prompted me to get crocheting in the first place, I have to say I like feeling as though I'm carrying on a family tradition. And hey, I'll never have to worry about being cold.

So far I've made 16 squares of the eventual 150 I'll need. The dark colour on the squares that are second from the right looks black but is actually a dark purple.

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