21 March 2013

Canada Blooms

After years of dying to go to our local big garden show, Canada Blooms, this year I finally made it. And I'm so glad I did. I got to see some amazing things, talk to friendly and knowledgeable people, get inspired, and generally wear myself out. I thought I'd share a few photos...

Gnome amid beeswax candles (from the Toronto Botanical Garden shop). Because everything is better with a gnome.

This (and the next few photos) are from the floral/plant design & competition area

This Alice in Wonderland display caught my eye immediately :)

I love this artwork, made with natural materials

I don't know who thought an Elvis impersonator (in this case Roy Leblanc) was the right entertainment to have but he was actually pretty good (and afterwards he seemed to be selling plants at one of the booths!)

Various vendors, florists, landscape designers and other garden-related groups had set up displays and vignettes

A pretty backlit piece of artwork incorporating rocks

Copper fountain sculpture

I adore this floral display

Gorgeous Korean Hornbeam bonsai. A note (not pictured) let us know that it wasn't dead--just dormant.

"An ode to the humble maple sap bucket"--can you get more Canadian?

Another favourite area of mine was the children's playground. If I ever have a child I have some great ideas now...

Musical fun in the playground (the white tube things are drums and rubber mallets are included)

My only issue with the children's area--why would you include poisonous plants (for example, daffodils) in the landscaping?

Great slide

Sheridan Nurseries featured a nifty water feature made of an old-time fire cart

Framed sedum display (apparently not too difficult to make, although unfortunately there were no printed instructions on hand. But we were told to keep an eye out on YouTube)

Dragon sculptures in another brilliant display area--a Celtic-inspired garden

The pathways formed a large Celtic knot design. Very cool.

A cozy rock nook with a fairy peeking out (if you look very carefully you might be able to see her)

Hellebores were on display everywhere and I fell in love with this one: 'Pink Frost' (Helleborus x ballardiae). I ended up buying one, so at long last I have a hellebore! I'm planning on buying more hellebore varieties at upcoming plant sales but this one will always be special :)

There's way more to see than what I've shared here so if you're interested the show is on until the weekend (and your ticket also gets you in to the National Home Show next door). Check out Canada Blooms for more info.

Photos by Whimsy Bower

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