08 May 2013

Springing Up

I just got back from the Toronto Botanical Garden annual plant sale. Wow--the selection is amazing. Tons of unusual specimens. It's way too easy to go broke at a sale like that (anyone in the area who feels like going has until the weekend). Hopefully my purchases (eight plants and some hen manure for my tomatoes) will help with my ongoing efforts to improve my garden (and gardening skills).

There's more work to be done in the garden at this time of year than I can really keep up with but I am trying. I'm putting particular effort into improving the overall design and making plans. No more randomly buying plants that catch my eye and then squeezing them into whatever space I find (okay, maybe there's still a little of that).

Anyway, as I make plans and work away I'm also making sure to take time to snap some photos of the beauty that's already sprouting up...

What's spring without dandelions? These resilient weeds have tons of culinary and medicinal uses (including Syrup), though, so it's not all bad,

Pretty daffodils


Clematis vine in the foreground

Hostas are coming up

Periwinkle and Sweet Woodruff

Detail of an old wooden table that I'm going to have converted to a planter.

Aquilegia bud

Aquilegia again

Lilac, not quite blooming


Stone frog

Photos ©Whimsy Bower

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