20 June 2013

After the Rain

After a recent rainstorm I grabbed my camera and got some shots of the garden. Hope you enjoy!

Delphinium buds

Delphinium flowers and buds

'William Baffin' Explorer series rose

Poppy centre minus petals
Poppy, looking somewhat battered by the rain

Bittersweet, a native plant (or weed, depending how you look at it). Has pretty red berries in autumn and is a nesting site of butterflies. Has an unpleasant smell, though.

Lady's Mantle is gorgeous after a rain. The water droplets look like gems.

Old-fashioned rose. I don't know the name of the variety but it smells heavenly. This flower is resting on a thistle leaf.

A mystery weed (but pretty).

Water collected in an unopened rose.


Geraniums I planted in a wine crate.

A nascent onion bloom

Another geranium

Daisies, peonies, and a purple mystery flower.

A closer look at the purple mystery flower.

Impatiens under hostas


A peony bloom tucked inside the  cedar hedge.
Photos ©Whimsy Bower

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