30 June 2013

Apron Strings

I have an obsession with aprons. I've been really indulging it lately with a number of purchases to bolster my collection (I'll write about that another time) but until recently had never made one. As it turns out, making an apron is pretty easy. Maybe a little too easy. I've already chosen the pattern and fabric for my next one. And the one after that...

I used this post for instructions and inspiration, although I didn't follow them exactly. It was fun learning to make gathers and ruffles, and I ended up with a pretty apron that looks good and is comfortable to wear. I think it might even be my favourite one.

This is the inside view of the apron. The ruffles get sewn to the wrong side of the backing fabric so that when it's facing you, you get to see the right side. I thought that was a great detail in the original design.

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bella said...

Super cute!