06 October 2013

Exciting News

Well, things are getting interesting around here. I'm still in the midst of a move. We're just finishing the packing, decluttering, cleaning, and staging portion of things and getting ready to put this place on the market. Holy, nerve-wracking, Batman! As if that weren't enough, I've decided to move to Nova Scotia: Canada's Ocean Playground! It's two provinces and miles away from where I'm currently living, and I've never even been there. But adventure and the ocean are calling. More details on that later (I'll be starting a blog soon to document all the awesome).

You'd think that would be enough to keep me occupied. You'd think. But I've decided to open my very own Etsy shop (click on the banner to visit the shop):

I'll be selling handmade (by me) bunting for now, although eventually I'll be adding aprons, pillowcases, and who knows what else. I've discovered a real passion for sewing and this shop seemed like the perfect complement to my love of crafting. I'm quite excited about it and I hope you will be too.

My first listing is for a spooky-cute Halloween bunting (and more will be coming soon):
See the listing and more bunting pictures here.
Wishing everyone happy times and a touch of adventure :)

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