08 March 2014

Apron Strings 4

Before I get to my latest project, an update: the SO, the kitties, and I are still living in the condo our insurance company set us up in (we've been here since late December). It is too small, too beige, and too dark. We're all desperate to leave, but since the insurance company is dragging its feet on actually fixing our house (now that the emergency measures are all complete) and the sale is still unable to close, we're stuck here for a while. As for my beloved house, it turns out that not one but three pipes burst during that wretched ice storm. I think the house was trying to commit suicide. Maybe it's for the best, given what I found out about the plans the buyers have for it. Every unique and beautiful detail that's been there for a century (and wasn't destroyed by water), from the leaded windows to the only remaining gumwood trim, is going to be removed. Typical Toronto--buy an amazing old house and gut it to get a generic modern look. I cannot wait to leave this city.

So how am I keeping myself going while I wait to finally be able to move? Crafts, of course. I have two ongoing projects: a sky scarf, where every line of the scarf corresponds to the colour of the sky each day for a year; and another blanket I'm crocheting (this time for my cousins). I'm also sewing whenever I can. I used this post as inspiration for a reversible cafe apron, which was lovely to work on and I can't wait to use. Bonus: it actually adds a bit of colour to this place.

Sky scarf. The more recent lines are at the top of the photo. Thankfully, I'm having to use less grey lately.

Completed granny squares for the blanket-in-progress. When I asked my cousins what colours they like, they both simply said "bright." Done.

The fabrics for the apron I just completed (all from Dragonfly Fabric). The two on the left were used for side 1, the two on the right were used for side 2, and the fabric piece in the middle was used for the waistband and ties.

I really love all the fabrics I chose, but the tangerine and aqua fabric makes me happy every time I see it. Orange was always my least favourite colour, but lately I'm finding myself more and more drawn to it. Funny how that happens.
Getting ready to attach two pieces.

Side two, pieces attached.

I added a line of ribbon to cover the seams between fabric joins. I also discovered that satin ribbon is a pain to work with.

I originally had picked out green ribbon for side two but it blended too well. Turquoise ribbon provided much-needed contrast.

The apron is folded so you can see both sides, as well as one of the ties.

I added a button to each corner of the turquoise ribbon on side 2. Because I didn't like the way the corners turned out and buttons are cute :)

Side 1

Side 2. Because of the way it's folded you can't see that the green accent fabric goes along both sides of the apron, as well as the bottom.
 Photos ©Whimsy Bower

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