26 March 2014

Apron Strings 5

Lately my SO has taken to asking me how many aprons I think I'll want. I guess he's worried we won't have enough storage space for them all if I keep making (and buying) them. Now, I'm the first to admit I'm a bit apron obsessed, but I don't see a problem with having an extensive apron wardrobe. They manage to combine the often mutually exclusive characteristics of practical and cute. They're fun, both to make and wear. And if you do make your own, aprons are also a great way to use smaller pieces of fabric you may have lying around (or an excuse to indulge at the fabric store).

I'm thrilled with my latest completed apron. I used this tutorial as inspiration and ended up with a pretty, flattering addition to my collection. I also have fabric ready to go for my next two projects. I guess I'd better let my SO know that I don't see the apron acquisition slowing down any time soon. Sorry, sweetie.

(For anyone wondering, all fabrics are from Along Came Quilting.)

Photos ©Whimsy Bower

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