07 July 2015

Provence: Mason Trevier

If you've been reading my posts lately, you know I just got back from France. While I was taking cooking lessons in the town of Carpentras in Provence, I stayed at Maison Trevier, an 18th century manor house. The house is beautiful--I wish I could transport it back to Canada and live in it. Since I can't, I decided to feature it in a post of its own so I can at least share some of the beauty.

The garden is absolutely perfect. Just the right size, enclosed by a stone wall, filled with lovely plants--it even includes a unique greenhouse and a pool.

By the garden wall

The inside of the greenhouse seemed to be carved out of a giant rock. All it needed was a mossy bench for lying on.

Inside the greenhouse

The garden was full of thriving herbs that often featured in our cooking lessons

Although the pool was small, it was available for soaking (or short laps). Also--gorgeous.
Gina has two adorable, nearly identical, kitties. They weren't allowed in the main part of the house, but I enjoyed quality time with them in the garden. This is Soto (although I usually called them petit mignon or petit jolie--terms of endearment applicable to anything small and cute, and particularly apt for these two).
Rinzai wanted to play and Soto wanted to nap--this was the result. It was like being home with my own guys :)
Rinzai retreated to the safety of the overhead vine.
And Soto settled in for his nap :)
The chandelier in my room.
It seems dual closets on either side of the bed are pretty common in France. I loved the blue panes of glass; I suspect they might be original while the colourless panes are replacements over centuries of use.
Detail of the fireplace in my room
I love this candle holder/oil burner. I forgot to ask Gina where she got it, but I've seen similar ones in Greece.

The door to my room (from inside the room)
Door hardware
This is a sitting room that my room (and others) opened to.
Chandelier in the sitting room
Beautiful staircase
I think the stairs are made from limestone. Notice how they're worn down in the middle from centuries of use. Love it.

View from the kitchen into the garden
Gina's keys

Gina was somewhat exasperated with my unwillingness to keep the cat off the table. Sorry, Gina--if I can't keep my own cats off our table, I'm not going to shoo yours away.

Detail of a shutter with olive tree in front

These were some extra shots I took with my phone:

Rinzai finally sat still long enough for me to get this first shot of him.

I kept taking photos of the chandeliers but almost missed the fantastic ceilings.
One of Soto's favourite nap spots.
Lovely tiles on the main floor

Next post: Around Carpentras

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