29 February 2016

Goat Cheese with Raspberry Vinegar and Lavender Honey

I'm currently reading On Rue Tatin, a cookbook author's memoir about "living and cooking in a French town."

I'm enjoying the book, drooling over the nun's cloister she and her husband bought and restored, and wishing I had access to a farmers' market like the one in Louviers. On the other hand, the more I read, the surer I am that the French lifestyle is not for me (for a start, the process of buying anything at her local grocery store sounds painful). But one of the best parts of the book are the recipes included at the end of every chapter. When I saw the recipe for Goat Cheese with Raspberry Vinegar and Lavender Honey, I knew I had to try it right away as (for once) I actually had all the ingredients (and have been looking for a good way to use two of the three). This recipe is easy to make and delicious, so a win all around. Serve as part of a cheese platter or as a snack with crackers or a baguette or artisan bread. The author claims she even serves it as dessert sometimes.

Goat Cheese with Raspberry Vinegar and Lavender Honey

2 medium size fresh goat cheeses/chevre (about 11 oz/330g)
2 1/2 teaspoons raspberry vinegar
1 tablespoon lavender honey

Place the goat cheese in a medium sized bowl and, using a fork, mix in the raspberry vinegar. Pack the cheese into a small bowl and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

At least 30 minutes before serving, remove the cheese from fridge. Just before serving, heat the honey just enough so that it liquefies (if it has solidified), and pour over the goat cheese. If desired, you can garnish with a few fresh or dried lavender flower buds and/or fresh raspberries.

6 small servings

EDIT: I made only half the recipe. With the remaining goat cheese, I skipped the step with the vinegar and instead mixed in some freshly ground black pepper and minced fresh basil before pouring lavender honey over the cheese. This was also an excellent combination. I'm sure any good quality honey can be substituted for lavender honey.

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