04 August 2013

Apron Strings 2

Life is on the stressful side these days, mostly due to our impending move. Between getting the house ready to sell, living in the ensuing chaos of packing (4,000 books, most of which have to go into storage), and looking for a new place in a new town, my calm has been fairly well damaged. So I try to take what therapy I can get--mostly Pinterest, reading, kitty cuddles, and, when I can, sewing.

I just completed another apron using Mooshkette's tutorial as a guide. I used ric rac for the first time and made my first pocket (I'm quite pleased with the results). I ordered the fabric online (In My Room "My Happy Place in Pink" from Fabric Spot) and I don't know if my eyes were off that day but I somehow thought--or maybe just hoped--the browns and greys were shades of purple. Oops. Don't get me wrong--it's nice fabric, but the overall effect ended up being a bit...1970s. I still like it, and I'm thrilled to have another cute apron. But next time I'll be a little more careful.

My latest project

A closer look at the pocket. Instead of a flap I went with a bit of ric rac trim to echo the ric rac along the top ruffle.

I love the design but I do wish the brown had been purple and the grey lavender. I could do without the bright orange too. If only I could design my own fabric (Canada needs a Spoonflower! I refuse to pay shipping and customs duties to get fabric from the States--no matter how cute.)
I thought the pointed ends on the ties were a nice touch.