I'm compiling a list of mostly Canadian shopping sources I like. I'm not getting anything for promoting these places and I have no connection to them other than as a customer, but in some cases if I send you an invite link we can both get discounts/coupons :) I'm always looking for new places to try, so feel free to share your own favourites in the comments.

Along Came Quilting: Another online Canadian fabric shop I've used and like. They charge actual shipping costs (not flat fees) and they try to keep the costs low where possible.

Blame Betty: Free shipping over $CAD200 ($CAD9 flat rate--$15 to the US--otherwise). Cute retro, pinup & rockabilly clothes, shoes,, accessories, and housewares. If you'd like an invite, email me at and we'll both get a 10% off code :)

Blue Banana Market, 250 Augusta Ave (Kensington Market), Toronto, and online, I love this place. Great source for cool gifts and all kinds of unique finds (from local art to foreign foods). I've only shopped there in person but I'll be trying the online option soon (although the online selection is really limited).

Douce France, 2471 Yonge St., Toronto. The staff here are so friendly and helpful. Everything they sell (including the baguettes and croissants) come from France. Excellent source for sweets (chocolates, macarons, syrups, and candies, including berlingots). They also carry teas and some savoury items, such as olives.

Dragonfly Fabric:  Friendly service and a nice selection of fabrics.

Fabric Spot: Free shipping over $CAD150 (flat $6,95 otherwise). A good Canadian source for fabrics.

Franco Market:  Free shipping over $CAD69 in QC and ON ($89 elsewhere in Canada). I just found them and haven't had a chance yet to try them out, but they seem like an excellent source for hard-to-find French foods.

Fridays Off Fabric Shop: Just found them and haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but they seem to have a good fabric selection. Shipping is a flat $CAD5.95.  Good selection of craft kits and supplies (including yarn), as well as puzzles. I've spent way too much here on needlepoint kits. Shipping is a little  pricey but they frequently have sales. I haven't found a better Canadian source for needlepoint/embroidery/cross-stitch supplies and kits.

House of Spice, 190 Augusta Ave (Kensington Market), Toronto. Friendly staff and a great selection of spices, dried herbs, teas, and other products. I always stop in when I'm in the area.

L'Occitane:  Based in Provence, France, I've always known them for their excellent soaps, but I've just started getting into the rest of their products. I love ordering from them online. Their products are pricey but excellent quality, and they frequently have deals & special sales. They're generous with samples too. Free shipping over $99. Just be careful that you're on the right site for your country--deals and products vary (and for some reason they seem to think I'm American so I have to keep switching back to the Canadian site).

Rheo Thompson Candies, 55 Albert St., Stratford, Ontario, and online. Shipping is pricey so I prefer to visit in person. But the smoothie chocolates are to die for. Looking forward to trying some of their other treats too.

Simply British Foods,  Haven't tried them yet but I know there's going to be a time when I have an Eccles cakes or Marmite emergency and this place will be a lifesaver. Excellent service, free shipping over $CAD29, frequently includes free samples. I particularly like for their amazing selection of natural and cruelty free products. They also carry the usual pharmacy supplies (but not prescriptions), as well as a wider range of items, like cleaning products, pet supplies, and baking supplies. If you'd like a $10 off coupon, send me your email ( and I'll send you an invite (I'll get a coupon too).

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