05 October 2009

Season Finale

After not having much of a summer, it's tough to have to face autumn this year. But at least we can face it with a few last garden photos (click on image to enlarge)...

A few pictures of my 'Limelight' hydrangea. It flowers late compared to other hydrangeas, but the flowers are huge and attractive (as is the plant itself).

My first dahlia, ever:

'Black Peony' Poppy (unfortunately the seed heads seem to have been commandeered by squirrels):

I think this is one of my 'Fruit Punch' poppies, but I'm pretty terrible at labelling plants once they're in the ground.

Some of the roses are still blooming (and likely will until it snows):

My 'Collie Mullens' Rose of Sharon. This one has a short blooming period, but the double flowers and unusual colour make it worth it. I think even the faded blooms are pretty.

Bleeding heart showing some early autumn colour:

A morning glory. I just like the way the vine has twined around a faded poppy stem:

'Heavenly Blue' morning glories:

The view from our deck after a thunderstorm a while back:

All photos by Domicile.

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