18 March 2011

Homeward Bound

This photo was taken by me about six years ago on my last trip to Greece with my mom. That's her walking down the alley to our house on the left.

Some of you may already know that I lost my mom this week. It was sudden and unexpected and drove home the realization (for me) that it's not if smoking kills you but when. It also made me realize how much of who I am I owe to my mom. My entire domestic side from decorating to cooking, baking, gardening, crafting and even cleaning is thanks to my mom. My appreciation for well-designed and well-made clothing also comes from her. She was a domestic goddess before anyone even knew such a thing existed. I already miss our long chats about what was happening in our gardens or on our favourite Food Network shows.

Thank you, mom: you were an amazing person and the best role model anyone could ask for. You're in my heart always.

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