17 February 2009

Take a Stand!

I want an umbrella stand. I'm not even sure where to find one (despite the plethora of links when I was searching for a photo), but I intend to get one. Probably something more traditional than the stand in the photo, although I think it's fantastic (and was pleasantly surprised to find out it's an antique).

The umbrella situation around here has gotten out of hand. For years there was only Red, attractive and sturdy despite having been acquired in a discount store. But then the SO deemed Red too small, and showed up one day with a suitably manly umbrella: solid black and big enough for a family of four to picnic under. Then came the one that was a promo item. Then the paper parasols (one a gift, one purchased in Chinatown). And the compact one we really didn't need and which is kind of flimsy, but had to be bought due to its extreme cuteness (black with white polka dots. No one could have resisted. Besides, it was on sale.)

But even with umbrella chaos, I hesitate to say I need an umbrella stand. They seem to be one of those items that make life prettier, more comfortable, more organized, and so on, but aren't strictly necessary for getting by on a daily basis. I seem to be attracted to a lot of those types of things.

Other Nice-but-Not-Really-Necessary Items:
  • candles and their various holders (like dimmer switches, provide ambiance, only with the added fun of a fire hazard!)
  • teapots and cups (let's be honest, a microwave and a mug are perfectly serviceable and are more practical as well)
  • water goblets (love them, rarely use them)
  • coasters (really, wouldn't a saucer or a napkin be just as good?)
  • trays (sure, in theory they're useful, but I can't remember ever seeing one put to use)
  • bookends (might be more practical if there weren't so many darn books taking up all the shelf space)
  • fancy spice bottles (my mom has been re-using the same spice bottles--refilled with fresh spices--she got from the store thirty years ago. No good reason not to)
Don't get me wrong; I love all of the above and have collections of multiple items from this list. I don't let a little thing like practicality stand in the way of comfort and aesthetics! But I find it interesting how many things are considered essential when they really aren't. Anyone out there care to add to the list?

PS: For anyone interested, here's the link to the umbrella stand pictured.

1 comment:

bella said...

I love the antique umbrella stand! Whimsical yet useful.

We have a tray that we use quite a bit. Usually for food, either snacks to the basement or sometimes a casual dinner in front of the screen. I've used it for breakfast rarely, but we find it very useful.