21 April 2009

Plant Yourself

Thought I'd share some plants I like from recent catalogues* Enjoy!

Flowering Almond

Silk Tree

Variegated Red Twig Dogwood

Beauty of Moscow Lilac

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

In contrast to the Black Knight: Kaleidoscope Butterfly Bush

Beni Kaze Japanese Forest Grass

Japanese Painted Fern

Red Hens and Chicks

Hardy Olive Tree How cool would it be to grow your own olives (outside of the Mediterranean, that is)?

Climbing Shell Plant

Dazzler Candy Lily

Egret Flower

Ruby Cloud Astrantia

Laced Romeo Carnation Sadly no mention of a scent.

Isaac House Hybrid Scabiosa

White Feather Hosta Really unusual!

Burning Hearts Dicentra

Striped Cobra Lily

Deluxe Toad Lily Mix Really into the toad lilies lately. Going to have to look into planting a few.

Raspberry Mousse Toad Lily

Apple Blossom Everblooming Begonias

Bee Balm Blue Shades Mixture

Purple Pillow Geranium

Peruvian Lily Mona Lisa

Switzerland Begonia

Chocolate Cosmos Looks pretty and smells like chocolate? Where do I sign up?

Landini Lily

Anneke Calla Lily

I'm a fan of Columbine aka Aquilegia.

William Guiness Columbine

Double Red and White Winky Columbine

Butterfly Amaryllis

I love dahlias but I don't grow them as they're a little high maintenance for me right now. I expect to eventually inherit my mom's collection, though.

Rebecca's World


Way of Life Dahlia

Crazy Love Dahlia

Rembrandt Dahlia

Blue Star Dahlia

Tree Dahlia

Sherbet Cocktail(R) Phlox

*Note: I'm not endorsing these companies. I just was intrigued by what I saw in their catalogues and thought you might be too :)

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bella said...

I love the flowering almonds, and am hoping to find a place to put one at my home some day. The red twig dogwood is very unusual, but I like it.