12 April 2010

Getting Seedy Pt 2

After a week of constant rain, the weather is beautifully cooperating now--sunny and reasonably warm. I'm loving the time spent in the garden, despite looking like I lost a fight with an angry cat. I won't be making the mistake of pruning roses while wearing short sleeves again. I'm still starting seeds, both indoors and out. And I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done!

Planted indoors 3 April:

In peat pellets:

--butterfly bush
--Greek basil
--sweet basil
--cinnamon basil (sprouting!)
--Alyssum, 'Wonderland Rose' (sprouting!)
--Alyssum, 'Royal Carpet' (sprouting!)
--marigold, 'Red Gem'
--marigold, 'Tangerine Gem'
--marigold, 'Lemon Gem'
--Achillea, Cassis
--cosmos, 'Early Sensation'
--cosmos, 'Sensation Daydream'
--malva, 'Mystic Merlin'
--nicotiana, 'Only-the-Lonely'
--nicotiana, 'Sensation'
--poppy, 'fruit punch' (sprouting!)
--foxglove, 'Giant Shirley'
--vinca, 'Cooler Mix'

In a small plastic pot with Miracle Gro potting soil:

--leeks, 'Ramona'

Outside, directly in garden:

--garlic (the kind my mom grows in her garden, whatever that is)

As for my previously planted seeds, I've now got three lupines (one pink, two mixed 'Russell') and loads of tomatoes and tomatillos. The cherry tomato plants are big enough that they need to be transplanted into larger pots (they're all crowded into one at the moment). The datura looks like it might be starting to cooperate too. And I never got around to planting the cilantro (it's not too late!) As expected, my old seeds aren't delivering for the most part, but I'm actually pretty happy with my results so far. I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with all those tomatillos...

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Photos of 'Fruit Punch' poppies and alyssum from Thompson & Morgan; photo of cinnamon basil from Richters. Click to enlarge.

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