05 June 2010

After the Rain

After a long dry spell, the garden is suddenly being drenched on a daily basis. So I'm grabbing whatever short opportunities there are to take care of the plants and take photos. The rain hadn't been over too long when I took these. Enjoy (click photos to enlarge)...

I finally coaxed some California poppies from seed, and even though they're bright (!) yellow and orange (colours I'm not usually a fan of) I've fallen in love with them. (I've also placed them off to the side where they won't clash with the pinks, purples, and blues of the rest of the garden.) I thought it was so cool the way the seed pod is partly open as the flower begins to emerge.

I think this is a 'Sorbet' peony, but I'm not sure as it was already here when we moved in.

Towering delphinium! (I'm terrible with remembering plant names, but I'm pretty sure this one is 'Black Knight.')
Perennial poppy (first year blooming) among the climbing Explorer rose (still can't remember the specific name of this Explorer).

The rain coupled with the weight of the blooms has bent the branches of the Explorer rose. I think I need taller, sturdier trellises and a lot more twine!

At least I remember this rose's name: 'Viking,' also a climber.

Back to the nameless Explorer.

Half open Hydrangea bloom.

Some of the pansies that re-seed themselves each year:

Onions! First year growing them and so far so good (although they need some thinning).

California poppies in bloom.

It really should be called 'the flowers and the bees,' not the birds and the bees.

This honeysuckle was transplanted from my mom's garden to replace a foolishly purchased "designer" honeysuckle with pink flowers. It turns out the fancy plant was more salmon than pink, didn't bloom much, didn't have a scent, and--oh yeah--died after only a couple of years. Meanwhile, this old-fashioned honeysuckle smells heavenly, is covered in flowers, and is growing vigorously after being transplanted last spring. Sometimes you just have to go with the classics.

Photos by Domicile

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