03 June 2010

Season Premiere 2010

Air Miles rocks! Sorry; I don't usually wax ebullient about products and services, but those miles have really come in handy for me. First they got me my KitchenAid stand mixer and now a new Nikon Coolpix--and man, do I love this camera. I thought my old one (by a company that shall remain unnamed) was pretty good (until it started going wonky a while back), but now that I've seen what the new camera can do...it's like the difference between a disposable camera and, well, a Nikon. Finally I can show my garden the way it's meant to be seen!

The only bad thing is I have yet to get a memory chip, so for now I'm limited in the number of photos I can take. And by the time I got around to uploading these, the weather turned rainy. But at least I can share a few early shots of my roses (and one delphinium).

Click photos to enlarge (highly recommended). Enjoy!

The sweet-smelling apothecary rose bloomed early and didn't last very long this year, probably due to the unusually hot and dry weather. But it was lovely while it lasted:

My Explorer series rose (still can't remember which one it actually is--grr) is now covered in masses of blooms, but this shot is of the first one:

I wanted to take more photos of the delphinium, but the camera was full after this. It's still blooming happily, though, so as soon as the weather improves I'll be out there:

Photos by Domicile

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