15 December 2010

The witch was on to something...

Who doesn't love gingerbread houses? Seriously, they're right out of fairy tales. I particularly have a fascination with them. I think it's because they combine three of my interests in one handy, tasty package: baking, fanciful architecture, and candy. I've only made one in my lifetime and that was years ago; since then other holiday baking has always dominated my time. But I plan to start making them--they're just too much fun not to. Mind you, I don't entirely 'get' gingerbread houses. If they're meant to be eaten, why do they get stale so quickly? And if they're not meant to be eaten, why are they covered in so many delicious treats? It's a conundrum for the ages.

Anyway, I thought I'd collect a few inspirational photos to share. Click on them to go to the original sites where these were posted. (Sorry, no patterns or instructions--just photos and some descriptions.)

And just so those of you who are looking for how-to info aren't left entirely hanging:

Ultimate Gingerbread website, for recipes, patterns, photos, instructions, forums, and more.

And one of my favourite baking crafts ever: Not Martha's mini gingerbread houses that perch on your mug! This way you can have your gingerbread house and eat it too. Instructions and more photos are available here.

Now, if only I could figure out how to make a life-size, weatherproof gingerbread house...

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bella said...

Some great photos here! I like them visually, but I feel too much waste at the supplies to make them often. However, as a kid craft with graham crackers, they're an easy pleaser.