16 August 2011

Not Your Average House

I used to love watching a show called Weird Homes (you can guess what it was about). Unfortunately I don't think it airs anymore in Canada. But it was so much fun to see how creative people could get with their homes. Seeing this video today reminded me of it:

It also reminded me of how much I love unusual homes. I don't like weird for the sake of weird but I love fun locations, imaginative designs, unique features, creative materials, and--most of all--when spaces intended for one purpose are converted into homes (like the bank below). I'm particularly partial to the idea of converting an old church, but I've seen some fantastic renos of barns, schoolhouses, railroad cars, boats, lighthouses--even an old water tower. It really makes you look at buildings and their surroundings in a different way.

I find the idea of a home built into a hill cozy and appealing (and not just because they remind me of hobbits):

A little on the precarious side for me but they'll never have to worry about flooding!

On the other hand, if you're a fan of water...

Bank turned home. Apparently the vault is now a guest bedroom:

One way to recycle all those empty bottles:

This is actually an ancient cave house in Italy:

It looks like it simply grew out of the earth:

Bonus points for being creative and pretty:

Homes like this make sense in mountainous regions. They also seem like they'd be a lot of fun to live in!

Love the seashell design:

Okay this one is cool but I could never live there. What happens if there's a major earthquake?

Underground houses somehow seem extra safe and cozy. And they're environmentally friendly too!

This one is just lovely and elegant:

If you have the money and space why not build yourself a castle (although I think I'd rather live in a real one for the inherent history)?

Another seashell, this one with a colourful stained glass window:

Again, one I wouldn't feel comfortable inhabiting. But it does come with a rather large moat:

Right out of a nursery rhyme--how could you not love it?

Do not adjust your sets--this is really how this building looks:

Whoever came up with this is a mad genius:

And an interior shot to bring the post to a conclusion. I don't know how practical this is to live in but it definitely looks cozy:

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