05 April 2014

Apron Strings 6

Every time I finish making an apron, I inevitably think: "This is the best one yet." But the utility apron I just finished really is the best one.

To start, how awesome is this fabric?

The background here looks grey but in reality it's more of a soft aqua (the colour shows up better in the next photos).
Secondly, the apron was easy to make. I could have probably knocked it out in an hour (two, tops). But not only was it simple, it's practical and customizable. And you get to channel Batman with your own (much cuter) version of a utility belt.

I made pockets to hold my sewing scissors, a pen, and my phone, as well as two large pockets (in the middle) to hold odd-shaped items or anything else I might need (like the magnifying glass in the photo).

I really love the scissors pocket. When I'm sewing, my scissors never seem to be handy. No more!

Cute apron, easy to make, comfortable to wear, and customized to your needs. Best apron ever? I think yes.

I used this tutorial (big thanks to Rosey Corner Creations for sharing).
Fabrics from Dragonfly Fabric.

Photos ©Whimsy Bower

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