10 June 2013


After several months, some trial and error, a sore wrist, and a lot of cheering on I've finally finished my crocheted blanket. It turned out quite well, I think, although a touch too long (I might skip the last row in the next one). Seeing as how I'm now hooked (no pun intended) on crocheting I plan on taking on all kinds of projects in future. In the meantime, hope you enjoy this glimpse of my initial efforts...

For the granny squres I used medium acrylic yarn, "Loops & Threads Impeccable" brand in Aqua, Clear Blue, Amethyst, Lavender, Cherry, Grass, Fern, and Forest; "Vanna's Choice" in Magenta; and "Bernat" in Yellow. To join the squares and for the edging I used "Loops &Threads Impeccable" Summerset, which is variegated. 

For the granny squares I used this pattern.
For the joining technique I used the Flat Braid Joining Method (instructions here).
For the edging I used a variation on this pattern. (Because I had a braided unfinished edge rather than a flat edge, I used the loops in the braid for my stitches and didn't skip any spaces as directed in the instructions.)
Half Double Crochet Shell Edging
ETA: I also used a 5 mm/H8 size hook. The blanket is 11 squares wide by 15 squares long and fits my queen-size bed.

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